Mortgage Investment Services


Mortgage Investment Services

We are truly passionate about the Mortgage products we are able to provide to the marketplace, and we currently offer the following types of  investment options for those investors who seek to participate in mortgage-based investments:

Mortgage Administration Services

A great alternative for already engaged private mortgage lenders seeking mortgage servicing for their mortgage portfolios. Find out More..

Syndicated Mortgage Investment Program

The Syndicated Mortgage Investment Program, (in which multiple investors participate together in a single mortgage transaction) is for those investors seeking monthly fixed Income.

Mortgage Investment Corporation Funds

These Investments offer the most diversification of your investment dollars of all the programs we offer. Investors capital is pooled and used to a fund multiple mortgage deals. This diversification allows for a further reduced risk of an investors Capital when in comparison with placing the all your investment dollars on one deal. We also offer  different classes of mortgage investment fund shares to allow investors to further differentiate their preferences  and cater to their own individual risk/reward suitability.

Private Mortgage Placement Program

An Excellent option for those who are considering investing capital in excess of $1 Million, such as accredited investors, Angels,fund Managers, Mutual fund Managers, and exempt Market dealers seeking to distribute investment capital into a solid deal flow of 1st and/or 2nd mortgage investment opportunities.

The PIXchange - The Private Investor Exchange

The PIXchange = The Private Investor Exchange is an online platform in which members are able to access, purchase and track mortgage investments online in real time, 24 hours a day/ 7 days a  week.

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All of the  investments offered above are all secured by Canadian Real Estate, and include borrower’s personal and/or corporate guarantees. It should also be noted that every single mortgage investment is exclusively underwritten by Obsidian Mortgage Corporation, and  involves a verification process whereby all properties are appraised by 3rd party CRA/AACI certified appraisers. These investments allow investors to further diversify from traditional public market offerings,(such as stocks, bonds, and GICs) and invest directly in the real estate sector. Many Investors take solace in the fact that the investments offered above are secured by real estate investments , and  managed and/or administered by Merit Valor Capital Asset Management.

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