Mortgage Administration Services


For those private lenders who have experience investing in mortgages, and have already established portfolios that they are managing, can very easily begin to realize that although the returns can be quite rewarding the work involved in managing multiple mortgages within a portfolio can sometimes become overwhelming, and perhaps  a daunting task for one person to handle.  We at Merit Valor Capital have focused much of our efforts around the effective management of Mortgage investments, and offer our Mortgage Administration services to individuals and mortgage lending firms alike.

Our Mortgage Administration includes the following features and benefits:


  • Real Time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, online Access To your mortgage investment activity such as payment and borrower notes.
  • Mortgage Impairment Insurance coverage on all mortgages that we administer or service on your behalf.
  • Superior mortgage administration/servicing impact of your mortgage: As we are calling as a mortgage administration firm, and not as an individual private lender. 
  • Access to legal counsel/Services to assist with default, and power of sale situations.
  • Cost effective management for your private mortgage investments:  in many cases administrative services cost (in many cases) only 2 Pennies per dollar,  much more affordable than  if you were to hire personnel to assist you.


For More information on our Mortgage Administration services, please feel free to contact us directly by email at :  or by phone at 416-283-4735 ext.111

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