Merit Valor Capital announces the first appointments of it’s Advisory Board and Audit Commitee Members

IMMEDIATE RELEASE- Toronto,Ontario, May 30th, 2014.

Merit Valor Capital Asset Management Corp. (“Merit Valor Capital”) has announced it first appointments for those who will be the corporation’s  ” founding Advisory Board  and Audit Committee” member

Stuart Reddington, managing partner of the law firm Reddington & White, has joined the firms Advisory board, bringing to the table quite an extensive based expertise  in litigation, real estate law, and best business practices.

Todd Monaghan, An Investment Dealer who is also no stranger to world of both best business practices, (or accolades, for that matter), served as Chair of the Investment Dealer Association (which later became IIROC the self regulatory body that governs investment bankers).  and has decades of capital market  fund management experience under his belt and adds to this boards advisory powers.

“Mr Reddington brings a skill set that I believe will fit well with Merit Valor Capital initiatives, not to mention add real value to our continual efforts to improve the development, and management, of our Mortgage Investment Fund Offerings.” explains Richard Samuels, Managing Director for Merit Valor Capital Asset Management Corporation. “Mr.Monaghan, brings a very keen and extensive understanding of capital markets, corporate governance, and the financial service industry, which is why it is an honour to have these two as founding Advisory board and audit committee members”



Merit Valor Capital – is a Canadian Corporation that provides administration for  mortgage investment services,alternative investment products and lending services to the Canadian Market place.  We strive to meet the needs of the companies and investors we serve, by providing a solid one-stop source for the purchase, development,  and administration of Exempt Market Products/Services.

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